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 Témoignages De Jeunes Filles Au Pair à Paris

"Au Pair, une expérience très enrichissante"

taylor Taylor, 24 ans, originaire du Texas (Programme Aupair 2011-2012 - Garches - 15 minutes de Paris)

"Etre au pair, c'est une expérience très enrichissante. Même si ce n'est pas facile tous les jours cette expérience comme jeune fille au pair permet de découvrir un pays, apprendre une nouvelle langue...Cette année m'a appris comment approfondir ma relation avec les enfants et j'ai beaucoup aimé les emmener au musée, leur faire découvrir de nouvelles activités. Je sais que j'ai l aissé mon emprunte dans la vie de Louise et Margaux car elles se souviennent précisémment de choses ou d'histoires plusieurs mois après. J'espère avoir eu une influence positive dans leurs vies.

 J'aime tellement la France que je me suis inscrite pour la prochaine rentrée scolaire dans un Master en Arts dans une université en Bourgogne où j'ai déjà été assistante de langue. L'Agence s'occupe des démarches administratives et du visa donc tout est beaucoup plus simple. Sylvie est très présente et elle est toujours prête à répondre à nos questions ou à nous rassurer en cas de doutes pendant notre séjour et avant notre arrivée. Elle connait chaque jeune fille au pair individuellement ainsi que chaque famille ce qui nous permet d'être placées dans une famille qui nous correspond."


L' Expérience Unique De Jeunes Filles Au Pair 

Kristen, 20 years old (3rd arrondissment Paris)
I came to France to experience the beauty of this wondrous and mysterious new country. I’ve really learned to savor my situation and really take advantage of where I am, which is something you can never forget while being an au pair here. There is so much life here, so many stories, old and new. Realizing how lucky I am, I’ve begun to create my very own Parisian story, and to let it soak into the seine and streets of Paris.

I’m very fortunate to have found Au Pair Paris. Its always difficult moving, especially when you go to a completely different country and you haven’t many people who you can trust. But with Au Pair Paris, if I ever find myself in a rut, I always know that I have someone to count on to help me. They’re a very close knit family, and you are bound to never feel alone or lost!

Un Groupe De Jeunes Filles Au Pair Très Soudée

Natalie, 22 years old (16th arrondissement, Paris)
I love looking out the little window of my room at night on the tippy top floor of my building and being able to see lights and TVs flickering across the street, instead of dark windows shaded by blinds or curtains. This is why I love Paris, because the lights stay on- and the people do too- from day passing into night.  Before I came to Paris, I didn't care too much for 16th century paintings or 12th century cobblestones. I came to learn the second language I neglected to finish in school. But Paris has changed my mind: I find myself drooling over luxurious well-preserved brocades at the Louvre, or marveling at the insect-inspired Metro architecture. I hope never to leave, but realize I will inevitably be hoisted onto plane back home- returning with a profound sense of aesthetic hedonism.

Susan and Sylvie of Au Pair Paris run a tight ship with a close-knit group of au pairs. From the very first time I called to gather information about becoming an au pair, it was evident their agency had my best interest at heart. I knew I wanted to live inside the city, have my own space, and look after older kids. Au Pair Paris was able to make my requests a reality because they are a small agency and thus have more opportunity to pay attention to personal detail.

Vivre et Apprendre Dans l'Une Des Plus Belles Villes du Monde!

Alicia, 23 years old (Vincennes, 5 minutes outside Paris  by metro)
The five months I spent in France were unforgettable. Though I initially struggled a little to adjust to "la vie francaise," I quickly began to explore all of the fantastic cultural experiences that Paris has to offer and settled into a routine. On weekdays, I took French class or visited the city's sights in the morning, and in the afternoons and evenings I cared for the children, playing with them, completing homework assignments, making their dinner, and getting them ready for bed.

I visited all of the city's most famous museums, danced on the banks of the Seine, and made many friends from all over the world both through my French schooling experience and through my membership in the International Youth Club of Paris. Highlights of my trip included a picnic in the Jardin de Tuillerie, an vening stroll through the park surrounding the  Eiffel Tower (don't miss the lights!), and La Fete de la Musique, an all day music extravaganza in the streets of Paris.

In addition, I traveled with my family to ski in the mountains in Val d'Isere, vistited the coastal villages of Brittany, and, in the company of friends, traveled out to the French countryside. Though my French was somewhat poor on arrival, the children I cared for helped me learn new vocabulary every day, and my experiences at France Langue and l'Alliance Francaise (two wonderful French schools in Paris) were superb. Though the life of an au pair can sometimes be difficult (disciplining children and the like) it is full of opportunities to learn and through Au Pair Paris, it's possible in one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

Une Totale Immersion Culturelle

Wesleigh, 26 years old (Enghien-les-Bains, 15 minutes outside Paris by commuter rail)
The six months I spent as an au pair with Au Pair Paris was an extraordinary adventure which I will remember forever.  From the French classes to connecting with two French children and exploring one of the most beautiful and remarkable cities in the world, becoming an au pair was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was challenged in ways I did not anticipate and grew immensely. To have the chance to experience a culture by fully immersing oneself in a family is a unique and powerful opportunity that I whole-heartedly recommend. Au Pair Paris provided an amazing support system throughout my adventure in Paris.

Une Expérience Enrichissante et Inoubliable!

Micheli, 25 ans (Montmorency, 20 minutes de Paris)
” En tant que jeune fille au pair dans une famille française, très bien structurée, qui m’a accueilli chaleureusement, aujourd’hui, grâce à cela, j’encourage vraiment les jeunes filles à partir, à participer à cette expérience enrichissante et inoubliable ! J’ai appris plein de choses, à propos, de la culture, des villes, des personnes, et la famille m’a beaucoup aidé. Bien sûr, qu’être jeune fille au pair n’a pas été tous les jours facile au début, mais cela donne une certaine fierté de l’avoir fait et une certaine confiance. On se découvre des capacités d’adaptation, de patience, d’imagination et pleins d’autres choses ! Je profite de chaque instant, avec la famille, mes petites, Lisa-Mary et Rosy-Lou, mes amis, et je ne regrette absolument pas d’être partie! “.


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